Medical Form - Disclosure Statement

Please read the following Disclosure Statement. At the end of the Medical Form you will be asked to acknowledge that you have read and understand this statement. A YES answer with regards to this statement on the Medical Form is an "electronic" signature and therefore you agree to be bound by this statement and its content.


"The information I have provided on the Medical Form is a complete and accurate statement of any physical conditions which may affect my participation in this walk. I realise that failure to disclose such information could result in serious harm to fellow participants or myself. I agree to inform the Great Walhalla Alpine Trail organisers should there be any change in my health status prior to the start of the walk. On the basis of the background information provided below, and what I know or suspect about my physical health, I am fully capable of participating in this walk."


The Great Walhalla Alpine Trail is a 2 day expedition [40km], operating in a remote area where evacuation to modern medical facilities can be timely. Weather conditions can be extreme with temperatures ranging from 40+ degrees celsius down to the minuses. High winds, intense sunlight, rain, snow and other hostile environmental conditions are possible. The trail consists of undulating terrain on uneven surfaces at altitudes of up to 1,500 metres. Whilst participating in the walk you will sleep outdoors and will be required to walk long distances each day. You will require a reasonable level fitness to complete this walk.

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